Activities in Dominica

Dominica is known for its terrain and natural habitat, boasting an impressive 365 rivers and some of the best diving and whale watching locations in the Caribbean…


Below are a list of activities that we are sure you will enjoy while here in Dominica. If you have any question about any of the activities or wish to receive more information, please contact us.



If you think Dominica’s topside is diverse! Wait until you discover the world beneath the waves. Every adventure above ground is cloned undersea.Divers from all corners of the globe are finding out that diving in Dominica is an exceptional experience – where every plunge is “living” proof of the majesty and spectacle of the underwater world. More info…



The complex volcanic nature of Dominica has created hundreds of deep gorges, waterfalls and caves that have been carved out by rushing streams over thousands of years.These exciting locations offer a variety of challenging experiences which take you to amazing places that other visitors never reach.

Whale Watching


The coastline of Dominica plunges thousands of feet into the surrounding ocean within a mile of the shore. This attracts whales to come close to land and as a result whale watching is one of Dominica’s leading attractions.Dolphins frolic alongside your boat as your captain sights a humpback or sperm whale in the distance. An outing such as this can be the highpoint of your visit.



The island’s knotted terrain and fantastic rainforests made road building difficult. But the early Carib Kalinago Indians found ways to traverse the landscape.Colonizers followed, laying cobble stones and cutting passes through the mountains. Today these tracks form the basis for a remarkable network of hiking trails that includes the 115 mile long Waitukubli National Trail that runs from one end of the island to another.

Featured Site: Emerald Pool


As the name implies, this pool glows emerald amidst the surrounding vegetation. It is fed by a delicate waterfall cascading from a mountain stream that has carved a green amphitheatre out of layers of volcanic rock. It is part of the Trois Pitons National Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.A trail through the rainforest, which forms part of the Waitukubuli National Trail gives you an introduction to some of the thousands of species of indigenous plants that grow on the island.

Featured Site: Boiling Lake


This bubbling cauldron is nestled in an exploded crater and is the second largest Boiling Lake in the world. The hike to get there passes through the surreal Valley of Desolation and traverses multi-colored hot streams and gushing fumaroles.This legendary adventure has been listed by the Guardian Newspaper UK as among the top 50 hikes in the world.

Featured Site: Trafalgar Falls


These twin falls burst forth from a forested cliff face to tumble into a series of rock pools in the heights of the Roseau Valley near to the village of Trafalgar.Warm water springs bubble out to form natural Jacuzzis and a plunge into the cold mountain water nearby gives the experience of an outdoor sauna in the tropics.

Featured Site: The Cabrits


The Cabrits National Park includes natural coastal forest, a marine park and the remains of an historic 18th century garrison. Trails take you past the remains of military buildings that have become entwined by giant roots.At Fort Shirley, the centre piece of the park, years of careful restoration has recreated the fortifications so that visitors can get a taste of what the world of Caribbean pirates and naval combat was like in the days of Sir Francis Drake, Sir John Hawkins, Prince Rupert and Horatio Nelson; all of whom once anchored in this beautiful bay.