Additional Charges

1. What type of taxes will I be charged for?

All car rental rates are subject to 15 % VAT (Value Added Tax).


2. What additional charges are there at Island Car Rental?

Additional Charged at Island car Rental are as follows:

Additional Driver


Drop Fee – Fee charged to deliver a vehicle outside Island Car’s catchment area


Air Port Fee – Fee charged to collect a rental at the Melville Hall Airport. This is a one off charge


Car Seat Fee – Fee charged if renter requires a baby car seat or jumper seat. This a daily charge


All fees are in $USD.

3. Is there a mileage charge?

No there isn’t! All rentals have unlimited mileage. 

4. If I return the vehicle with less than the amount of fuel given how am I charged?

Yes you will, however, you will be charged at the current local pump price and a service fee of $USD 2.64. To avoid the charge we recommend returning the vehicle at the rented fuel level.